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Your Police Ward Panel Meets!

I’m please to announce the return of in person Limehouse Police Ward Panel meetings in our Ward. At 1830 on WEDNESDAY 31st August 2022 I will chair the first post pandemic meeting at the VETERANS HALL on the BARLEY MOW ESTAT

The PWP is a way for residents to have a direct impact on the police priorities for a community, so if you have any concerns for safety within your neighborhood or are aware of any activities that seem suspicious or criminal in nature, the PWP is the best and fastest way of getting police and local authority resources aimed squarely at that those problems.

Each meeting ends with our community receiving Three Promises and Priorities from our Safer Neighborhood Team. These are dedicated police who are charged with reducing crime in our area. These P&P’s are decided by the community and not the police, so your voice on this matters.

On Wednesday you will have an opportunity to speak directly with the SNT, it’s leadership and our Ward Councilor. Use your voice and direct our police to making our community a better and safer place.

Mark Slankard,

Chair (Interim)



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