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Something for the Weekend?

We’ve had a lovely weekend. Haven’t we? The April showers have gone and the May sunshine has brought out the flowers, the cyclists, and the city ramblers. A stroll through the neighborhood seems the right thing to do, discover a new local café, take a walk in the park. Take a short cut though St Anne’s Churchyard and find the oldest grave marker. Maybe even stop in the church and discover the delights that this magnificent Hawksmore building has to offer. Well you can only do that if it’s open and it’s only open if there’s someone there to unlock the door, turn on the lights and mind the kettle!

Care for St Anne’s wants the building open every weekend so everyone can all have a look and see what this building has and can offer our community. It’s such a big landmark for our community, and is well on its way to receiving restoration funds. Only you can help ensure that when our neighbors want to have a look-see at what’s inside, they can. Here’s a message from Philip, the Head of the Care for St Anne’s charity. Please help out if you can.

We can all spare three hours a month…

“St.Anne's church ( that is, the Care for St.Anne's secular charity charged with the restoration of the church and opening up it up as a community resource) is looking for volunteers to "mind' the church to allow visitors/tourists to discover this amazing Grade 1 listed Hawksmoor building. We already have a small group of volunteers but we really need more and hoping for your help.

The brief?: working in pairs, mind the church on either a Friday or a Saturday (choose shifts of 10 am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm); Commitment?: up to you, but say once a month. more often if you have time but once a month, just 3 hours, is fine. What's involved?: Welcome visitors and answer basic questions - a guide to the church's history is provided, take advantage of free hot drinks, good wi-fi to catch up on your e-mails/work, or just enjoy a chat with your "pair"!. It's not in any way onerous..and St.Anne's is a beautiful, peaceful place to spend a few hours sitting in.

Interested? I can explain more and show you around the church - contact Philip Reddaway on or call/text on 07907959262.”

Help our community to discover these hidden treasures.



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