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Limehouse Bids Farewell

Helen’s work for our community will not be forgotten. The Limehouse Community Forum will work with the local authority to find a way to deliver a lasting memorial to her efforts and energy, which have given so much to our community. Her dedication and devotion to the young, the elderly, the vulnerable, and the homeless deserves to be remembered and stand as a lasting example to us all.

Her wish for a forest funeral will take her away from Limehouse. However, her family understands that many may not be able to make the trip to the cemetery in Kent.

A short “Farewell to Helen” community good-bye will be held on Barleycorn Way on Wednesday April 19th from 9am to 10am. Everyone is welcome, to say goodbye and share your stories and remembrances of Helen.

There have been many changes to Limehouse over the years, but very few people have impacted our community in the way Helen has. Many people talk about change, but Helen made it happen, time and time again. The leadership of the LCF knows the difference one voice can have in making things better. We are all worse off with her loss. Please take the time to attend and say goodbye.

The LCF Executive



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