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Ropemakers Fields Transformation

LCF is extremely proud of this gardening project.

A perfect example of partnership collaboration involving the children from Cyril Jackson School, Tower Hamlets Parks and Gardens Department and Canary Wharf Contractors.

LCF successfully sourced funding for this garden transformation, whilst Tower Hamlets supplied the plants and shrubs with the support of Canary Wharf Contractors who kindly spend two days clearing the site, plus helping the 100 children from Cyril Jackson School to develop their green fingers with planting and spreading the bark chips, which was generated from local tree pruning.

There is more to come… The woodwork teacher from Cyril Jackson has helped the children bring some of their bug habitat designs to life . The structures are due to be installed soon, so keep a lookout for them.

A big thank you to everyone that helped with this project.



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