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History Night - Tales from the Crypt

The LCF is proud to host the annual Limehouse History Night at St Anne's church on Sunday November 27th starting at 7:30pm. FREE ENTRY. If you're new to our community, a longtime resident or just a friend, this is a great oportunity to meet and chat with your neighbors, while learning about the role that our community has played in history. In this audio visual presentation Professor Alastair Owens and Livonia Ayugi-Okello from Queen Mary University of London will share the findings of their recent research on some of the remarkable individuals buried in St Anne’s crypt and churchyard. It is indeed, true, Tales from the Crypt!

In the second half of the evening, Alastair will also present his work on the archaeology of poor households in mid nineteenth-century Limehouse, providing fresh insights in what it was like to live in dockside Victorian London.

Alastair Owens is a professor at Queen Mary University and President of The Geographical Association, as a well respected and highly qualified scholar, his work as a historical geographer and social and economic historian has focused on Britain c1800, with a particular interest in London. His current research in Anglicanism, the inclusive heritage of East London, and the inherited wealth of Britain, 1850-1930, focus a light on the historical geographies of home, family and material culture.

The event will benefit “Care for St Anne’s”, and Rector Richard Bray will update us on the progress to fund the renovations of the great stained glass window of St Anne’s. There will be a refreshment bar serving drinks throughout the evening. It's a great way to spend a dreary winters night – meeting your neighbors, learning about our shared history, and raising a glass while building our community. See you there!



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