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Lockdown starts to ease

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The decision was taken to suspend regular public meetings until it's once again safe to meet as a community. However, this was also the time that our community needed each other more than ever. The Officers have been meeting remotely regularly since the outbreak, to coordinate how we could most help, to put our skill sets and formed partnerships to best use.

Since then the LCF has provided thousands of free PPE face shields to residents, hospitals and care homes. Some of these directly to doctors and intensive care units.

We've partnered with grassroots volunteers funding posters and notices ensuring the delivery of food parcels, shopping, medicines and chore doing, providing the volunteers with Hi-Viz vest to increase everyone's safety.

We've worked to make sure the most isolated and vulnerable residents had telephone calls to keep their spirits up and cheerful.

We've collected hundreds of spare plates to make sure our friends, Neighbours in Poplar, could provide over 90 hot meals each day to the elderly.

We've collected over 100 quality t-shirts and trainers for the Docklands Settlement.

We've kept in close contact with our local primary school, Cyril Jackson, allowing it to become the local school that was able to take in the most key worker and vulnerable children in the borough.


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