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Brand New Website!

With the launch of the new website this week, many people may be wondering what new features are there and how does one interact with the website?

The layout is as follows:

  • News Feed: Where all new articles will be published. It has a handy filtering tool so you can view the articles by topic.

  • Events Page: Moving forward events tickets will be managed online. Signing up for an event is very simple, and if we run out of tickets, you will automatically be put on a waiting list.

  • Legacy Section: The legacy section is currently under construction and will contain all past content in case you want to revisit some of your favourite content!

  • Chat function: Should you feel brave, you may reach out to us via the chat function, and if we are online we will try our best to answer your questions. If we’re out and about leave us your name and email and we will write back to you!

This website was created by Ravi Dhirani, a Software Engineer who has been working as a technology consultant to various charities and non-profits. He loves Star Wars, build websites and playing with his daughter in Ropemakers Field.

His advice is “Check out the website and play around with it. That is the most efficient way to learn how to use it.”

Additionally, this video provided a valuable insight into how to use some of the core functions on the site:


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