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planning applications

Monitoring Planning Applications submitted to Tower Hamlets Council
Since the LCF was formed in 2005 it has reviewed and responded to proposed developments in Limehouse. The LCF is not opposed to development and regeneration as both can add value, resources and improve infrastructure to our community. Each major scheme is assessed and its benefits weighted. 

This has required carefully considering development proposals and planning applications, assessing developers’ statutory obligations, taking into account the views of the community, consulting with local authority planning officers, submitting supportive statements or formal objections if required and mobilising public opposition as necessary.  ​As a result of this work a number of undesirable planning applications that otherwise might have passed have been rejected.

The sub pages below describe specific planning applications that the LCF has taken a position on; either for or against.

​Full details for each planning application are on the Planning Applications section of the Tower Hamlets Council website.

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